We are doing our bit!

21 days lockdown! One of the most critical phases in the world that will, unfortunately, be remembered.

In the tough times of Covid-19 pandemic, staying home and social distancing is the need of the hour. People are working from home, self-isolating and doing their bit to make the most of their quarantine plans but it has its own pros and cons on the income and the employment of the country.

The government, doctors and nurses are doing their bit to protect us, but let’s not forget those daily wage workers who work so hard and how they are able to source their basic needs.

As we belong to the construction industry, we’ve managed to do our bit and contributed towards the well-being of those stranded workers of one of our projects ‘Ultima Lifestyle’.

We urge you to do your bit and think of the people who have no work and no source of fixed income flowing. Let’s grow together, save each other to get through the lockdown and this deadly virus.

Stay Home, Stay Safe & Help whoever you can.