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Glam up your living space just in a day!

Do you ever feel bored with your interiors while walking around in your home? Does it feel like the vibe of your abode can go higher than it currently is if you simply put some time and effort? The same set—up forever does look dull, and it can affect the bright appearance of your home. […]

Super Clever Bathroom Storage Hacks You Need To Check

Home decor ideas today are not just confined to aesthetics, but also people want them to be more purpose-driven. You may commonly find living room decor ideas on the internet, but not many blogs will emphasize the importance of upkeeping your bathrooms. Gone are the days when there used to be a few bathing products […]

What to Do to Create a Pet-Friendly Home?

The selfless bond of loyalty, companionship and unconditional love that we share with our furry companions is enriching, but having a pet also comes with many responsibilities. Pet owners will do just about anything for their babies. From pricey spas to pampered meals, making them indulge in luxury is what keeps a pet owner going. […]

Top – Notch Quality of Life only at Ultima Lifestyle

The best decision would be to stick to a trustworthy name for purchasing anything from a 2 BHK flat to a 4BHK bungalow in Vadodara. Kamlesh Gandhi Projects offers safe and comfortable homes for all. Not having to worry about quality living is pretty great, but having access to extra features that you would otherwise […]

Most Basic Yet Crucial Terms To Know Before Investing In Real Estate

Buying a property is possibly one of the most significant financial investments in one’s life. The purchase of property involves a substantial amount of money, but it is also an investment that is more or less permanent and hence irreversible to a large extent. As you can guess, this makes the purchase even more crucial. […]

The factors impacting the prices of your dream home in 2022?

The real estate sector has gone through many mysterious phases like demonetization, withdrawal of GST input credit, the introduction of RERA [Real Estate Regulatory Authority], the Covid-19 pandemic and the latest one to hit the sector is the Russia-Ukraine war. When the industry had barely started coming out of the tumultuous times of last year […]

Smash the space issues and set up an apartment garden

Do you have limited outdoor space? Is there no extra place for those potted beauties? Space should not preclude anyone from experimenting with the stress-reducing pleasures of gardening. From flowering plants to bonsai, fruits and veggies to shrubs, an apartment garden can be intimate, manageable and absolutely beautiful. With some tips and tricks, you can […]

Nature Inspired Home Decor Ideas For A Busy City Life!

We can’t resist the urge to consider green when it’s time for the spring season to kick in. It seems like the tone is an all-season hit decision. Green insides can inspire everything from equilibrium, development and reclamation to meanings of abundance, wellbeing and nurturing. Especially in busy city life, any season, having a calm […]

Why Should You Invest in Real Estate in Vadodara?

Vadodara is right now one of the hottest investment markets in Gujarat. The flourishing city sees investors from across the country, and Vadodara real estate is on fire. The town promises to give huge returns in future. If you too wish to invest in real estate, Vadodara is ideal for its academic activities and industrialization, […]

Home Office Setup Ideas For Utmost Productivity!

The pandemic made us aware of our strengths. It is a phase that brought along many new features that we could have adopted in the previous times, but we never realized the need to do the same. We learned that most problems have a solution, and we simply have to introspect to bring out the […]

Turn your luxurious flat in Vadodara into a happy, coexisting home!

In a family, like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Remember that be it good times or bad, in health and sickness, zeal and lethargy; one always turns back home. Therefore, your house has to be your place of solace – It has to be […]

Points to remember on the way of making a home

It has been rightly said that home is where the heart is, and the heart has to be at the right place. This is the reason that while making a home, you have to keep all your senses open and take a decision you cherish for a lifetime. Deciding on accommodation is a big step […]

Price Hike In The Real Estate Industry: A Glimpse

Although the economy has started heading towards recovery, there is an unexpected roadblock: a price hike in the raw materials like steel, glass, iron, plywood, cement that are increasing with a drastic speed. At both the ends – the real estate project developers as well as the home buyers, there has been an influence.  Where […]

Why is Dussehra An Auspicious Occasion to Invest in a New Property?

The festive season in India has begun with the festivals that hold the most significance in the Hindu calendar. Dussehra is one of the most awaited festivals which people look forward to as it is considered as the most favourable ‘muhurat’ for important investments, purchases and new beginnings. The other name for Dussehra is Venyadashmi, […]

Why Does Neighbourhood Matter While Selecting a New Home?

“What surrounds us is what is within us.” T.F. Hodge It is said that you carry the vibe of your surroundings back to your home. Whether you’re travelling, working, or simply going for a long walk with people in your neighbourhood. Your environment shapes your mindset. The people you interact with, whether home or work […]

How Pandemic has Changed the Home Buying Experience?

#StayHomeStaySafe – A learning and boon we all have realized over the past 1.5 years since the pandemic has hit mankind. Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need. Sarah Ban Breathnach The significance of home has been taken to a whole new meaning […]

Akshaya Tritiya – Why Is it Considered as the Best Time to Invest in Real-Estate Property?

In the Hindu Calendar, some days and timings are considered as auspicious times for decision making and investing in valuable assets. These days of importance are determined based on their religious or seasonal significance. One such day is Akshaya Tritiya which is considered as the most prosperous day to invest in valuables such as gold […]

Virtual House Hunting Tips

“There’s nothing like staying at home for comfort” Jane Austen The year 2020-21 has changed the perspective of life for us. With the pandemic in picture, we have learnt to stay at home and get things done from home, be it work, leisure or workouts. Investing in real estate is a big deal. If you’re […]

Understanding stamp duty and its significance for home buyers and real estate players

It is a confusing and volatile time for the real estate sector. While on one side, the pandemic has encouraged people to buy their own homes as opposed to renting, the other side shows that the sales within the real estate sector have slowed down drastically. This is because a lot of potential buyers are […]

Home loan faqs

Investing in real estate can be tricky. The decision to buy a new home or invest in one can be daunting, especially if you are a first timer at this undertaking and it includes your hard-earned funds. Well, we understand your dilemma and that is why we have curated a list of frequently asked home […]

50% increase in enquiries for real estate properties during covid period

VADODARA: According to a recent research, India’s real estate segment has observed a hike in enquiries specially for residential projects which are now at 50% of Pre- COVID19 levels in top cities of India. The surge is because people want to own a home as they know that this is where they’re going to feel […]

How Vadodara’s Smart City Status Makes It A Favourable Investment Market

The promise of a smart city makes Vadodara an attractive place to buy a property, be it commercial or residential. Why? The demand for residential and commercial spaces is expected to rise in the 100 smart cities that the government has taken under its wing and Vadodara will be no exception. Purchasing a property in […]

De-bunking 5 commonplace real estate myths

Do you feel real estate isn’t for you? Think again. According to a survey jointly conducted by Housing.com and National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), the self-regulatory body of the Housing And Urban Affairs Ministry, as many as 35% of respondents preferred to invest in property over gold (28%), fixed deposits (22%), and stocks (16%). […]

Are you still wondering if it’s the right time to buy your first home?

It was not until now that we realized our home is the only permanent thing in this ever-changing world. Just like any other sector out there, COVID-19 has left its mark on the real estate sector as well where people with rental properties seem to be the most affected. The complete standstill and furthermore, the […]

Live Clean, Go Green – Sustainability, the need of the hour.

Nature is on the course of recovery and it is our moral responsibility to provide our full support.  According to a recent survey by Nielsen, 81% of consumers around the globe believe it is extremely important for companies to have environmental improvement as an objective. The concept of Green Buildings really kicked off in the […]

Real Estate – A Real Asset

Before we dig in, let’s look at a few numbers to better understand Real Estate’s current market scenario –  Approximately 600 million people are expected to make urban India their home by 2031. Presently, the housing deficit in India stands at approximately 19 million units. Now, let’s look at how Real Estate is becoming a […]

Four Things Indian Property Buyers should keep in mind in the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic

It is quite evident that the global economy has already entered into a great recession & superpowers like USA, Germany, UK etc. are badly affected. Almost all the industries – Travel and Tourism, Automobile, White Goods, IT, Retail etc. are suffering huge losses and they will take a while to resurrect. Amid all the heart-wrenching […]

Key takeaways from FM Nirmala Sitaraman’s Relief Package

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a relief package to help fight the Covid-19 outbreak. Here’s a brief of few relief points out of many that she covered in her speech. For construction workers, States to use INR 31K crore construction workers welfare fund. States to use the district mineral fund for medical activities. Rs 1.7 […]

How to make your stay at home enjoyable?

Does being at home all day make you feel trapped or depressed? If your answer is yes, here’s what we have to say in order to give you a different perspective. During this time, one can make the most of the situation at hand by connecting with themselves, family and their own home. The general […]

We are doing our bit!

21 days lockdown! One of the most critical phases in the world that will, unfortunately, be remembered. In the tough times of Covid-19 pandemic, staying home and social distancing is the need of the hour. People are working from home, self-isolating and doing their bit to make the most of their quarantine plans but it […]

Everything you Need to know about Affordable Housing in Three Minutes!

Buying a house is an important, life altering decision. The home you live in says a lot about you. In our country, it is seen as a milestone of achievements when a person buys a home. That is why, when it comes to investing in the right home for yourself, you are often offered various [...]

Recyling Of Industrial Waste and Ways To Achieve Zero Waste

In order to understand the recycling of industrial waste, it is important that we first have an understanding of what we mean by industrial waste. Industrial waste is any kind of waste that is produced by industrial activities. This kind of waste can be found at any sort of manufacturing unit or industry. As we [...]

Fire Safety and How Impotant It Is In Construction Today

Be it at work or at home, all of us live in buildings. These concrete structures need to be places that are safe for us to live and do our work in. This is not always the case, sadly. When it comes to safe and strong construction, it can be seen that there is a [...]

RERA and Its Effects On Real Estate

RERA is short for Regulation and Development Act. In the real estate sector, the introduction of RERA almost two years back has changed everything. The way in which investment and real estate worked in India have completely changed, all thanks to the Regulation and Development Act (RERA). The primary reason for the introduction of such [...]

Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Buying a home can get complicated. There are various minor details that a person who is investing in property can easily miss out on. There are lots of steps and lots of documents that one has to arrange and manage before they can actually step into their own home. If you are a first time [...]

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