Super Clever Bathroom Storage Hacks You Need To Check

Home decor ideas today are not just confined to aesthetics, but also people want them to be more purpose-driven. You may commonly find living room decor ideas on the internet, but not many blogs will emphasize the importance of upkeeping your bathrooms. Gone are the days when there used to be a few bathing products like shampoo and soap for all family members. In current times, there could be at least 7-8 skin products in a bathroom for each individual. Moreover, the evolution of the skincare fraternity has made us aware of newer things like bath bombs, handmade soaps, scented candles, luxury loofas and what not. These all can be a new dose of rejuvenation to senses and souls, but they do come along with storage issues. Because of their smaller size, bathrooms can be a great place to try out fancy decor ideas like bold wallpaper or cool tiles. At the same time, because washrooms are not typically very large as compared to the other rooms in your home, they can become an unorganized mess easily, even if you’ve made the most of smart bathroom organization ideas. Make sure you read this blog and utilize the given tips to make your bathroom more spacious and organized.

Let’s get started on the super clever bathroom hacks to make your life more sorted.

Place a Ladder in the bathroom

A wooden or any aesthetic and compact ladder will add a rustic touch to the bathroom. Moreover, it will give you a lot of bars on which you can hang towels and other linen. Additionally, if you add some little hangers on the ladder bars, you can put your loofa and other such accessories in comfort.

Bring in bar stool

A bathroom is a great space to get creative. If you want to annexe luxury to the bathroom, you can never go wrong with semi-precious stones. Place the stool in whichever corner is vacant, and make sure the top is made from some fancy material or any semi-precious stone to add on the opulence. You would be able to place a lot of bottles on top of that stool, making your shower place extremely organized.

Paint the stool with a colour that blends with the rest of the space and let it add character to the area.

Baskets to the rescue

Baskets too add the right dose of rustic. They have been contemporary companions of interiors and also give you excellent storage functionality. It could be the best solution for laundry woes. They are easily movable and flexible storage units that could ease your bathing experience. You could also fill them with toilet paper rolls, towels, or bath products.

A mirror with storage capacity

Mirrors are essential properties of a bathroom. You could install a background of Marble shelves to place things you need to use while using a mirror. Tubes of toothpaste, brushes, shower gels and a lot of other such toiletries can be placed on those shelves.

Add over-the-toilet built-ins

For a super sneaky trick in a bathroom with a nice window nook, work with a professional interior designer to build-in a storage rack above the toilet. These racks would provide a place to organize bottles of cleansers lying here and there. Moreover, for extra things which you do not wish to show, a closed cabinet could give our OCD and hygiene measures a sigh of relief.

Organize drawers with spacers

It’s easy to make the most of a deep drawer by using small organizers made of cloth. Dividers have great potential to make any big shelf more meticulous. You can place everything neatly by assigning each category a section— Hairdryer, paper napkins, scissors, and can store more than you ever imagined.

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