How to make your stay at home enjoyable?

Does being at home all day make you feel trapped or depressed? If your answer is yes, here’s what we have to say in order to give you a different perspective.

During this time, one can make the most of the situation at hand by connecting with themselves, family and their own home.

The general perception of being locked at home is that it is a combination of boring and mundane. But you can beat this feeling by embracing your own abode. Now, this does not mean that you simply admire the home artefacts & decor, but it means developing an emotional connection with your home. Here are some simple ways which might help you do so –

1.    Find your cocoon

Use your favourite spot in the house to read that one book which you have been wanting to read for a while but could not get through it during normal days. 

2.    Planning your meals

Interestingly, the most common household question is to figure out the daily food menu. In order to avoid wasting time and energy, it’s preferable to plan your meals beforehand and stock up with all required items well in advance.

3.    Remain active

During the slack time, it is very important to stay busy. Indulge yourself in daily chores like arranging your bookshelves, doing a bunch of laundries, cleaning the house, finding your workout spot or simply update yourself by reading.

4.     Connect with nature

You can grow a small plant or herb in a terrarium. Plants are soulful and have a positive effect in your space. By growing something in your home, it can connect you to your home in a way that you wouldn’t have even imagined.

5.    Automate less

Don’t neglect the human element of your home. Everything you can do by hand at home strengthens your bond with it

6.     Do Something Creative Every Day

While cooking, organizing, gardening, or laundry might strike your head first, break the stereotype and do something else. You can create a themed photo collage, a new gallery wall, go back to basics by sewing or re-arranging your own home.

7.     Declutter, Organize and Beautify

Research has linked decluttering to being therapeutic and having a healthy and positive mindset. It is strongly believed that the nature of your surrounding influences your mental being. A cluttered home can complicate your thought process and impact your mental energy levels.

8.     Get some natural light and fresh air

Find the sunniest corner of your house and put a chair out there. Spend the mornings in places that face towards the East. It doesn’t hurt to get a daily dose of Vitamin D that you have always wanted.

Overall, love your home and transform it into your sanctuary. This way, you will come out of the lockdown feeling fresh and rejuvenated.