How Pandemic has Changed the Home Buying Experience?

#StayHomeStaySafe – A learning and boon we all have realized over the past 1.5 years since the pandemic has hit mankind.

Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need.

Sarah Ban Breathnach

The significance of home has been taken to a whole new meaning over the recent times with more time spent at home than ever. As our outlook towards home changes, the pandemic has sparked a re-evaluation of how we perceive the space we live in or want to live in current times and beyond. Factors like cost, primeness of location and luxury amenities have taken a lesser priority than sentiments of safety, space, comfort and well-ventilated homes.

Here are a few core factors which have taken a whole new level of evaluation for the post pandemic home seekers.

Location – A Factor here to Stay

Location has always been a critical factor for home hunters. How far is it to the essential stores, to schools, hospitals, to public transports, to office, etc.

Before the pandemic, all the office goers had a major concern about the distance of work from home but with remote working, hybrid work culture and work from home facilities being enabled, the commute has decreased to a few steps within the home.

Where location still remains a key factor, but the meaning has changed to a more away from the main city location, where there is less traffic, pollution and a serene environment which still feels like a social neighborhood.

Space for Multi-uses

Before the pandemic happened, each dedicated space remained for a purpose and there was no need for the creation of an office-like space within the house. However, the post-pandemic scenario gives consideration to versatile spaces which can be turned into functional and productive spaces where a small office desk can be set up. With families where more than one person is working from home, it becomes difficult to manage since each working individual needs their own space to focus and be productive. Apart from work, since schools have also taken the online route, families with kids also need space for kids’ entertainment and studies. The rise in spaces that  accommodate more people doing a variety of at-home activities, are able to easily transition into modular and multi-functional areas has begun. Thus, the concept and search for more versatile and multi-purpose spaces has emerged.

Prioritized Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces are equally important as indoor spaces. It is an important consideration that spaces are well-ventilated, and the buildings are constructed keeping in mind the direction of sunlight and wind. However, having an outdoor space is the need of the hour because it can be used for some quality time with yourself, to chat, to think, to breathe fresh air and to rejuvenate, especially during the times where movement is restricted. During the pandemic, people leveraged their creative side to encourage natural greenery in their balconies and porches, used their outdoor spaces for multi-purpose activities like landscaping, workouts, kitchen gardens,

Post pandemic, home hunters are looking for more well-lit spaces, where there is natural greenery and ample openings so that for times when they stay home, they can spend their days with ease.

The Right Timing to say YES

This is the most crucial question – Are you ready to invest in a home now? Is it the right market time to purchase a home?

The answer to this factor of consideration is – If you are seeking a home post pandemic, think consciously on your requirements such as cost, amenities, physical and practical needs, and then evaluate the space on those terms that align with your personal and work life goals. The sentiment factor has drastically impacted the decisions of the post pandemic home seekers and is an important view to consider. Before hunting, get your finances in place or the methods through which it would be convenient for you to purchase your new home so that once you find the right fit, you are ready to mark that place as your own.

We at Kamlesh Gandhi Group, value the way you live and your desires and create comfortable spaces which go beyond basic amenities that can help you elevate the quality of your life as well as your surroundings. If you are seeking a home, which is compatible with your new lifestyle and the futuristic adaptations, our current project offerings can be a perfect fit for your needs.