Why is Dussehra An Auspicious Occasion to Invest in a New Property?

The festive season in India has begun with the festivals that hold the most significance in the Hindu calendar.

Dussehra is one of the most awaited festivals which people look forward to as it is considered as the most favourable ‘muhurat’ for important investments, purchases and new beginnings. The other name for Dussehra is Venyadashmi, which indicates Victory, so it is believed that any task undertaken on this auspicious occasion will attain success. 
a lot of luck, vibrancy and prosperity for everyone and so people in India plan their important decisions and events accordingly.

From a religious viewpoint, investments made during the auspicious period are believed to yield better returns. From economic viewpoints, making valuable purchases or investments during this time of the year comes with many beneficial offers.

As the economic environment had been tough amid the past one and half year, there were many people who had to either postpone or make adjustments in their home buying decisions.
However, with the country’s economy reviving & the growth drivers in the real estate market being favorable to the home buyers, people have resumed making investments in real estate.

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So what are you waiting for, lift up your festive spirits and get ready to welcome a new life, celebrate happiness and make the most out of this special day of Dussehra.

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