Why Does Neighbourhood Matter While Selecting a New Home?

“What surrounds us is what is within us.”

T.F. Hodge

It is said that you carry the vibe of your surroundings back to your home. Whether you’re travelling, working, or simply going for a long walk with people in your neighbourhood.

Your environment shapes your mindset. The people you interact with, whether home or work or any communication that you do, influences your mindsets. 

That’s how important your neighbourhood is and is considered as the most crucial factors for new home seekers or buyers.

Where you plan to settle down and plant your roots is what you will cultivate over the long period of life and pass on to the next generation.

Living in a posh and developed neighbourhood is everyone’s dream. However, if you are planning to move into a location which is better crowded and is a potential prime location in your city, there might be a few factors that you would want to prepare for well in advance.

Making this decision involves a lot of research of both qualitative and quantitative factors such as:

  • Can I afford this area?
  • Will it be a good investment?
  • Will it be easy to access?
  • Are the people residing in a similar mindset as I am?
  • Will me and my family be happy?
  • Will I be able to be a part of a social community?

Once you have answers to these questions, let the filtering of a neighbourhood begin:

  • The demographic factors include matching the way you live or desire to live as compared to the type of people already residing in a particular area.
  • If you have kids or are planning in the near future, it is crucial to check that there are reputed schools, community parks and other commuting facilities such as recreation and parks available that would be helpful to you.
  • What type of a home are you looking for – an apartment unit or a bungalow or a row-house or a community which is social or is more private, based on your preferred way of living.
  • The accessibility of the neighbourhood matters the most as the working people try to save their time and need their homes to be closer to their workplaces. However, this might not be a similar case for all. Some people would want it closer to their whereabouts, whereas some would want it away in order to get away from the chaos of the city.
  • The safety concern and crime rates play a vital role in determining the security of your family.
  • The proximity towards the important and essential services such as banks, hospitals, grocery stores, bus stations, railway station, airport and more should all be comfortable.
  • Access the existing amenities in that area and visit the neighbourhood often.
  • If you have a few friends or relatives already residing in that neighbourhood, get the right information from them which can help you determine the potential new home location.

There is no better way than to actually paint a picture or visualize your actual scenario in the neighbourhood you like the most.

  • Trust your gut and the first impression
  • Visualise yourself in the neighbourhood while living your daily lives
  • Checkout the crowd near the locality and the entertainment zones in that area
  • Understand the future developments in that area
  • Interaction is the best way to know the intentions, so make sure you speak to people from that location.
  • Study the local pricing and compare the budget that you have set for your house hunt.
  • Most importantly, “Involve your head and heart into this process.”

If you are a new home seeker in Vadodara, and are looking for a perfect fit for you and your family, then get in touch with us and we can help you narrow down your choices as per your requirements and help you be a part of a prospering neighbourhood.

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