What to Do to Create a Pet-Friendly Home?

The selfless bond of loyalty, companionship and unconditional love that we share with our furry companions is enriching, but having a pet also comes with many responsibilities. Pet owners will do just about anything for their babies. From pricey spas to pampered meals, making them indulge in luxury is what keeps a pet owner going. In addition to these little luxuries, pet owners moving to a new home may need to design their abode to accommodate their animals. If you’re a pet owner or thinking of adopting one, pet-friendly home tips must be what you will need.

Today this blog will help you accommodate their needs while not compromising on neatness and style.

Opt for tile flooring instead of carpet

If you have a pet at home, you can forget about the carpet. Unfortunately, many carpet materials aren’t durable enough to withstand stains and damage from pets. Not to mention, carpet can absorb the odd odors. We suggest investing in either porcelain tile or ceramic tile flooring, which are both highly resistant to stains and scratches. If you decide to use rugs in your home, aim to purchase ones that are washable and are specified as having “indoor/outdoor” materials. Avoid thickly woven sisal and jute rugs in your pet-friendly home, as both dogs and cats will inevitably scratch these up and ruin them.

Go for pet-friendly furniture

We cannot stress this enough: stain-resistant fabric is the way to go when purchasing upholstered or slipcovered furniture. Those sharing their couches and chairs with animals should be wary of more than just pet hair and dander. Foul smell and unwelcome stains can also seep into certain fabrics, making your lounging an unpleasant (and stinky) experience. When purchasing pet-friendly furniture, avoid velvets, silk and tweed – as these are vulnerable to stains and scratches. Instead, opt for furniture outfitted in synthetic microfiber, leather and “outdoor” fabrics. Keep in mind that most furniture companies will tell you which fabrics are stain-resistant. It’s also a good idea to avoid light colors when picking a couch, as stains are likely to show up on white or beige furniture.

Get trash cans with lids only

Does your dog tend to get into the trash? Unless you want wrappers, old food and other trash constantly strewn across your floor, get tall trash cans with lids. All dog-friendly homes have them. Low-lying trash cans should especially be avoided in your pantry, kitchen and bathrooms. When choosing a trash can, be sure to pick one that is both durable and secure. Stash your trash can in a closed-off pantry or behind a kitchen cabinet to prevent your pet from knocking it over.

Shifts drugs and chemicals to a safe place

The last thing you want happening in your dog-friendly home is for your loved furball to get into your medications or vitamins. Many, if not most, of these pills can be deadly for animals. If you keep your meds and vitamins in your kitchen pantry or bathroom, place them on a shelf up high. The same goes for toxic foods. Unfortunately, our pups can’t handle many human foods. The everyday fare in the kitchen, such as grapes, chocolate, raisins, nuts and avocados, can be especially poisonous for dogs and must be kept out of reach.

Invest in a top-quality vacuum cleaner

If you own a shedding breed that needs its fair share of dog grooming, you will understand the need for vacuuming at least twice a week. Regularly brushing your pet (probably outdoors) will help cut down on the amount of dead hair stuck on your carpets and furniture. IF you want to make a good investment in your dog-friendly home, we can’t stress less on high-tech gadgets to clean the place.

Hide all electrical cables

A thick cable protector (available from all good hardware stores) can be placed over the cables to make them chew-proof. Alternatively, hide trailing wires and cables behind furniture.

Hire professionals for the job

Need one less thing to worry about? If you’re moving to a new home, try hiring the right professionals for the job. Fortunately, extensive experience in making pet-friendly homes and a network of reputable and reliable movers and designers make relocation and organizing of home easy. Go with a licensed and insured company to help you with your interior needs of pets, so you can rest assured that your move (and your furball’s belongings) will be in good hands.

Having a pet can improve the quality of your life multifold. However, before you plan on getting a furry friend, it is mandatory to check if your house is entirely safe and comfortable for it. Like you, even they deserve a safe and homely environment to play in and grow up around. Keeping your pet safe, secure and healthy is every pet-owners’ highest priority. As one of the most esteemed builders in Vadodara, Kamlesh Gandhi Projects offers homes safe and comfortable for all living beings. From 2 BHK flats in Vadodara to 4 BHK bungalows in Vadodara, our spaces have been thoughtfully planned and meticulously designed, considering pet safety and open spaces. Enjoy years of snuggling with your mischief-making pets in beautiful, secure homes with Kamlesh Gandhi Projects!