Turn your luxurious flat in Vadodara into a happy, coexisting home!

In a family, like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Remember that be it good times or bad, in health and sickness, zeal and lethargy; one always turns back home. Therefore, your house has to be your place of solace – It has to be your emotional anchor, which keeps your head in the sky and feet on the ground.

The most critical factor for healthy coexisting is determining the correct type of home based on your needs and family desires. Whether you want luxurious bungalows in Vadodara, luxury villas in Vadodara, or luxurious flats in Vadodara – We got you covered as per your wishes and desires.

Here are a few ways to embrace communal living where a home can be created by bringing everyone together while considering their needs and preferences.

Make it the place where personalities flourish: Home does not have to be a cage; it has to be a sky. Everyone must get to live a life they want for themselves, and meanwhile, there has to be a synergy in accepting and respecting the same. Ensure that your home gives the area and space to nurture each individual’s passion. A teenager’s desire can be to have a balcony to take pictures of the birds, while for a mother, it can be to have a tranquil corner to read. The living setup of everyone’s preference can be achieved by knowing the likes and dislikes and then creating a home-based on common ground.

Plan the home interiors that support your lifestyle: Lifestyle, habits and rituals play a significant role in your quality of life. Right from the time each one wakes up to when someone returns from work, schedules and wants can differ for each family member. For instance, some families follow specific value systems, such as making a point to enjoy at least one meal together. In comparison, some families prefer more flexibility to choose to do things at their own time and convenience. Based on the lifestyle preferences above, a family that dines together would like to invest in their dining area. On the other hand, flexible families would prefer investing in modular spaces and a smaller dining area. Most luxurious bungalows in Vadodara made by us have been customised to suit the needs of all family members, and the tailor-making has genuinely added to the happiness of home through the induced convenience.

Be together but respect privacy: Whether you’re a joint family or a nuclear one, each one has to have some “me time” to rewind, relax and grow. If you’re living in a luxurious flat in Vadodara, a great way to create personal space is by adding partition areas using fabric, plastic or movable wooden screens to create a visual break. Similarly, if you’re living in a luxury villa in Vadodara, more space can be utilised for personal evolution. There could be areas dedicated for gyming sessions, lounging, entertainment, yoga, etc. can be created based on the inclination of members.

Keep it tidy and serene: Whether you have an older person or a toddler or are simply by yourself, a clutter-free home can transform the way you feel and function. Cleanliness brings much peace and prosperity in the vibes, and there is no rocket science. The aim here is to make mobility more accessible and to be able to make minor adjustments without hassles whenever required. A sense of circulation comes with open spaces and windows with sufficient air and light and is connected with nature. The last thing to do would be to plan it dynamically and easily upgrade and change according to need and preference.

Opt for the right lighting: Along with choosing the colours in the home, it’s also essential to have good lighting to work with. Optimise natural light as much as possible to boost the overall mood in the house. Having large windows helps immensely to bring beautiful natural light into the home. If you wish to go for the more aesthetic way, warm lights can add the dash of magic you need at your abodes. They bring a different kind of glow and energy, and suddenly everything starts to feel fresh.

Whether it be parties, movie nights, quiet dates or meditating sessions – Proper lighting can do wonders to add on to the cosiness. On the contrary, try to avoid fluorescent lights unless required as per the design demand, as studies have revealed that they increase depression and anxiety. Some lamps mimic natural light if the home does not get too much sunlight throughout the year.

Invest in experiences: Instead of spending money on little things that are not helpful, invest in details that bring ROI in the form of merry moments! Does your joint family have 6 children who love to play cricket? An expensive interior will not add as much to the memories as a big garden. If you plan to buy a luxurious bungalow in Vadodara or a luxury villa in Vadodara, this space can act as a catalyst in inducing new joys in your lives. This way, every household member will spend time with one another, improving their relationships. Remember, nothing can substitute experience, and joyous times will make coexisting healthier and cosier.

Keep arguments at bay: The element of fun misses in any household where there are no healthy arguments. Siblings pulling each other’s legs, random and funny sarcastic comments – All these bring the funny side of all members when they happen once in a blue moon. Though, if there are significant outrage bursts and yelling in your home, swear to cut it down. Especially if you have kids, note that children thrive in homes with happy, calm environments. When children see elders battling each other out in the open, it teaches them that this behaviour is acceptable.

If there are any major arguments, talk them out in a civil manner and resolve any disputes on the same day. Resort to healthy and soft discussions rather than outbursts of rage. If ever the same happens, understand the situation and stay calm. Take a peaceful sleep and start the next day fresh. A let-go attitude can be the key to making a house a beautiful home.

At Kamlesh Gandhi Projects, we consider changing lifestyles and preferences as individuals and as a close-knit family. This is how we integrate and create spaces where united together, a family can still enjoy their personal space – which is what we all would love to achieve? Right? If you want to buy a house that can be your happy place – contact us now or book a visit!