Top – Notch Quality of Life only at Ultima Lifestyle

The best decision would be to stick to a trustworthy name for purchasing anything from a 2 BHK flat to a 4BHK bungalow in Vadodara. Kamlesh Gandhi Projects offers safe and comfortable homes for all. Not having to worry about quality living is pretty great, but having access to extra features that you would otherwise have to pay a premium for, is all kinds of amazing. We’re not talking about standard spacing or parking either. We’re referring to the things that make your apartment or bungalow something you look forward to coming home to every day – like a beautiful view, quality communal life, and not the hassle of passing through traffic to indulge in workouts. Things that go above and beyond the basics to make life just that much better.

Today this blog will let you know about some of the best amenities which you involve in your living when you choose Ultima Lifestyle as your home.

Landscaped garden:

Whether your residents are elderly or millennials who want to stay in shape, the landscape garden provides open space for all. Whether to teach their kids how to play basketball or take a morning yoga class, the tree plantation at Ultima Lifestyle makes it an ideal area in touch with nature. Kids-friendly buildings can be tricky to find, let alone ones that offer features and amenities specifically designed for our young guns. We make sure your kids are taken care of so they enjoy and experience your living spaces as much as you do. Like common areas where residents can bring guests or meet neighbors, outdoor spaces allow for social time, alone time, and just time spent daydreaming in the beautiful outdoors. Think of these outdoor spaces as a mini getaway place, so you’re not confined to the indoors. It may also save you wandering about to get fresh air – and spending money on things like fancy coffees, smoothies or stuff you just don’t need. With outdoor amenities, you can bring food and drinks to enjoy picnic-style (for free) – which is something that’s just plain fun!


The gym at Ultima Lifestyle can save you money on a membership and keep you on track to meet your fitness goals. The best part is, if you’re super busy and on the go a lot of the time, a fitness facility in your apartment building means you can work out on a whim since travel time to and from the gym is zero. You can pop in for a quick workout when the mood strikes you, and then you’re back at home within minutes. No excuses!

Especially if you’re hoping to move to a city, finding an apartment with outdoor amenities makes it that appealing. That extra space outside of your suite allows you to enjoy a space that belongs to you and your neighbors as an extension of your home.

Multipurpose Hall

As the name suggests, it can be used for almost any event in your life. Think birthdays or anniversary parties, and what comes to your mind? Music, dance, and food. The multipurpose hall is perfect for these cozy and close-knit events as it boasts excellent acoustics and lighting facilities. There is no need for the residents to pay extra for outdoor spaces when they need to have a space for family functions within their campus. With the possibility of involving a high-quality sound system and lights with excellent power backup, why look for something other than your own home for any occasion?

Lifestyle Clubhouse

Coworking spaces are great, but your residents will need somewhere to hang out when winter rolls around or if it’s peak summer. Additionally, this cozy area is where residents can play pool and board games or watch TV with friends. With the perfect lighting that sets the mood for every socializing occasion, the place is the solace point you need in your life. Read, watch, introspect and rejuvenate here amidst a busy life.

24×7 Security with a CCTV Secured Campus

The importance of surveillance cameras can’t be overstated. The increasing security threats and burglary attacks are enough to secure your parking space. Having well-monitored parking lot cameras can go a long way in averting security breaches before they happen. Our fully secured areas are safe enough that you roam around stress-free even at midnight.

OTIS Brand Lifts with Power Backup

Elevators are probably the most noticed part of your building’s infrastructure because people do not just see it from afar but step inside and use it. Especially for older people and physically challenged people, an elevator at times is necessary even for homes that do not have several floors. We make people save on time, energy and effort; we have two lifts dedicated to each wing i.e. 2 lifts per wing & 4 lifts per tower. Even in case of power failure, you can be sure that nobody is going to get stuck in the lift due to its automatic rescue feature.

Children’s Play area

Families with children need a safe place for their children to play. Apartments with play areas keep kids active and healthy, stimulating their imaginations, teaching them coordination, encouraging them to spend time away from the screen, and creating memories they will cherish for life. At Ultima Lifestyle, children have a fun, safe place to play right outside their door. Building a solid sense of community and spending time together outdoors, the Children’s Play area makes a win-win situation for all.

Kamlesh Gandhi Projects has redefined sophisticated living with their ongoing project, Ultima Lifestyle, consisting of 2-3 BHK Luxurious Apartments & Shops at Waghodia Rd. Replete with the amenities mentioned above and facilities like allotted parking, underground electric cabling for a wire-free look, decorative unit number plates to maintain uniformity, an impressive entrance gate, and much more, this could be a perfect spot to book your dream home. Call us today to enquire.