Points to remember on the way of making a home

It has been rightly said that home is where the heart is, and the heart has to be at the right place. This is the reason that while making a home, you have to keep all your senses open and take a decision you cherish for a lifetime. Deciding on accommodation is a big step up into another echelon of society, respect, and responsibility…that is 100 percent worth it.

It is a significant milestone as it does not just apply to you and your partner, but also to the future generations who are going to grow and dwell inside, it is also about the comfort of your seniors and lastly, comes the society you want to live in.

The first step towards making this important decision is a walkthrough of the shortlisted property. Whenever you plan to visit your potential home, relying on your gut feeling alone is not enough. You need to check a few more details and considerations while planning a visit. Below is a quick checklist that you can keep handy while doing your first visit to make an informed and well-assessed decision. If you are at a phase where you’re finally buying your first home, this blog is specially brought to you by one of the top builders of flats in Vadodara to help you through the process.

  • Get The Facts Right – Go through the brochure of the builders thoroughly before visiting. Find out about the construction company, their customer service, their visibility, reliability and speak to friends or relatives residing in their properties if you have connections or check out their online reviews. Enquire about the possession date as well as the booking ratio. Get to know about the buying procedure and after-sales customer service. While on the apartment tour, ensure you carry the brochure with you to compare the actual versus what’s mentioned in the text.
  • Review The Development of The Area – Check in detail about the amenities and activities around the property. Depending on your daily schedule, work location and the requirement for renowned schools for your children, you should pick a house in the right area. It would be best to opt for a site with a hospital in the vicinity if there are any medical emergencies. Some people need good access to public transport. Depending on your preference, you may want a home with a market nearby. Similarly, some people prefer a small garden or greenery around the building.
  • Take An Expert Along – Go with someone who can help you with the perspective, so you don’t just think in a box – It can be your parent, spouse, friends, colleague or someone who has recently bought a new home. Do not forget to take along an expert in the construction industry for professional advice. The experience will give you insights on quality and details like frame structure, flooring, finishing, and overall structural strength. Do not forget to understand the carpet area provided by the real estate developer within a preferred project. In the case of an apartment, look for the balconies, windows, storage area, layout of rooms etc.
  • Get The Financial Facts Correctly – Know more about the payment terms, existing offers and financing options. Ensure that you are paying the right price based on the quality of construction, the locality, and all other miscellaneous amenities. Buying a home is a one-time investment, and hence it is best not to get trapped in the loophole of finding something at an unreasonably cheaper rate at the cost of regretting later. Deal with a respected name that is transparent about all the costs involved to know what exactly you are getting in return.
  • Don’t Miss on The Miscellaneous – Check in detail about the amenities and activities around the property like a game room if you have kids, parking areas if you own vehicles, gym area if you do not wish to go for a workout somewhere distant. Before buying first home, notice whether sufficient air and light enters the home. Ensure your likings will match the place or not – all the areas of the unit to visualize you turning it into your home.
  • Assess Nearby Noises – Home is a synonym of peace and relaxation, and hence at no cost, the same should be sacrificed. Before buying first home, scout out the area near your future home at various times of the day, including nighttime, to make sure it’s not too close to a noisy thoroughfare or under a flight path. A little due diligence could spare you years of restless nights.
  • Trust the goodwill of experienced builders- Making a home is not everyone’s cup of tea; hence it’s best to rely on expertise and experience. Pandemic has even been an eye-opener to explain the importance of having a durable, comfortable and happy home. We live in our dens for the longest time of our lives and hence, you should ensure that yours is built to last. If your builders have made a name for themselves in years, it’s wisest to stick to them or do a little research on your own.

Go with the gut feeling, but keep your mind open! Remember, a home is a feeling and not just a place. Tough all the vibes can drain if the basics are not right. The power of being informed and having conducted your home visit thoroughly will help you make the right decision. If you plan to get a luxury flat in Vadodara where your heart and head match, there could be no reason to settle for anything less than a reputed name. Flats in Vadodara developed by Kamlesh Gandhi Projects have symbolised character, stature, and grace. Being a home buyer, choose durability, convenience and timeless beauty, and book a visit now!