Live Clean, Go Green – Sustainability, the need of the hour.

Nature is on the course of recovery and it is our moral responsibility to provide our full support. 

According to a recent survey by Nielsen, 81% of consumers around the globe believe it is extremely important for companies to have environmental improvement as an objective. The concept of Green Buildings really kicked off in the early 1990s, reaching more widespread awareness about a decade later. It was long heralded as a special feature, something that was above and beyond the norm. Now, it has turned mainstream, and many expect a certain amount of sustainability in their homes and commercial buildings. Some governing bodies are even requiring resource-efficient measures to be in place.

How can we as an industry support this?

We can start with small steps such as adding sustainable features to our upcoming projects i.e. energy-efficient appliances, more natural light openings and the like, alongside features that ensure better air quality.

If you are upgrading an existing property, some of the easiest things to do include:

• Ensure exterior windows and doors are caulked and insulated properly.

• Install energy-efficient appliances.

• Paint the interior with eco-friendly paints with no VOC emissions.

• Maintain and insulate the water heater, and install a drain-water heat recovery system.

• Switch to energy-efficient lightings, such as LED light bulbs.

Overall, Real Estate has been very proactive in addressing sustainability issues for some time now. As a matter of self-interest as well as social responsibility, the industry is moving ahead to advance its sustainability performance regardless of the direction of national policy.