Glam up your living space just in a day!

Do you ever feel bored with your interiors while walking around in your home? Does it feel like the vibe of your abode can go higher than it currently is if you simply put some time and effort? The same set—up forever does look dull, and it can affect the bright appearance of your home. Decorating our home is something we all dream about but the budget or time constraints can hold us back. Don’t worry; this blog can help you revamp your space in a decent amount and productive hours. Our experts have put together some ideas that the basic homeowner will adore.

Let’s see which tips can be best for you to adopt!


The beauty wallpapers can add to any small or colossal space is commendable. From flowers to motifs, you can get them in any colour and design you wish. They are readily available. The entire selection and pasting procedure can be done in less than a day. Wallpaper is durable and can last over five years, making it very cost-effective. When wallpaper has been hung properly, this wall decor for the living room piece can last three times longer than paint. If you have imperfect walls, high-quality wallpaper can hide surface imperfections. If you are a fan of rustic, wobbly lines can be a part of the charm, and you’ll make life more vibrant with a textured “imperfect” surface rather than a freshly plastered wall.’


Rugs have been a crucial concept in our traditions and history and are now a fantastic way to refurbish your dull flooring. Any rug has the potential to fit your needs flawlessly, and its beauty will last for years to come. Go with traditional or modern designs; you can be sure to bring the affluence home with this piece of fabric. Getting something extra like a fur rug in a plain room can accentuate the look. You might also try something old like a Khadi Rug to bring in some boho vibes in your space. That will be highly cost-effective and give you a suitable base to play your card games on Saturday nights.

Hang the right lamps and shades

Not having the proper lighting doom even the most designer spaces. From antiqued factory-style shades to brilliant little brassy numbers, any industrial style pendant shade would look beautiful in a house. No doubt about it, a giant metal pendant light hanging in an intelligent interior makes a statement. Bold, very now, very cool, very bright. The warm lighting can go hand in hand with any interior and make the space look warm and welcoming. The place would also become the “picture-perfect” spot, and where these lights will be, the snaps would never be average.

The right dose of textured paint

You might have noticed that your house completely can go to a “new-house” vibe instantly with a new paint shade. That’s the magic of colours. But wait, simply painting the wall will not be as vibrant as expected. Let’s go a little over the top – with textured paints on your wall wherever possible. You can get a wide variety of the same for your house. With so many dazzling shades and patterns, you cannot believe how designer your space will look. It can become the perfect background for your favourite family picture, the memorable painting you brought from a trip or simply as the background of all wonderful moments the life has in store for you.

Add a dash of velvet.

When you think about “panache,” the first fabric choice that pops into your mind is velvet. Very affluent spaces shown in Bollywood  or celebrity homes have at least one couch, tabletop, sofa curtain or anything in-between wrapped in this everlasting beauty – Velvet! Over the years, velvet home decor has been meandering in and out of design trends. Truth be told, it’s a classic trend that looks flawless no matter what your individual design aesthetic is. Velvet can single-handedly punctuate any design style, even when you lean towards the minimalistic route. A velvet sofa can make an opulent style statement for your living room. It’s a significant piece of furniture that, when covered in velvet, can add an instant touch of magnificence and luxury to your room. Have you observed larger than life sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali films? They have so much velvet involved that all you can do is go gaga over the glamour.

Get creative with China crockery

It’s time to stop hiding away those favorite plates and hang them on your walls instead. You can try to display China in a geometric pattern and for a more contemporary angle, incorporate plain white pieces alongside intricate patterns in the wall design. The most important thing is to position them in a place where they can take center stage, and you can really appreciate the craftsmanship – above a console, for example. It will not take even an hour to paste or nail the plates on the wall simply, and your house will have the correct dose of freshness annexed to it. You can match the colors to your curtains, that would be aesthetic!

Perhaps the most important of your considerations in bringing a vision to life is the basic structure of your house. Even the most impressive interiors can fail if your home is not functional and stands on a solid foundation. Your chosen apartment or bungalow can significantly impact the cost-effectiveness, longevity, and even functionality of your interiors. Make sure you make the right choice at the first step itself. At Kamlesh Gandhi Projects, we consider changing lifestyles and preferences of interiors as individuals and as a close-knit family. This is how we integrate and create spaces where united together, a family can make what they like and have always dreamt of. If you want to purchase a home that can be the right canvass for your design ideas – contact us now or book a visit! From a 2-3 BHK flats to a 4 BHK bungalow, our developments in Waghodia/ Ankhol area has got you covered.